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Rather than waiting to improve your oral health after you have overcome an illness, it is important to continue cleaning your mouth as usual if you end up sick. Cold and flu season can have a detrimental effect on your oral health if you find yourself too weak or unable to clean out your mouth. Due to additional risks associated with having an illness, it is important to continue caring for your smile. Here are some additional tips to remember:

– Make sure to never share your oral hygiene cleaning utensils with anyone else. Furthermore, never use any other person’s toothbrush or any other tools to keep your mouth clean.
– If you are sick and find yourself throwing up, be aware that stomach acids will travel up into your mouth and can contribute to additional dental erosion. To combat these risks, try chewing sugarless gum or washing out your mouth immediately to lower your exposure to the harmful acids.
– Make sure to stay fully hydrated while you’re sick, including drinking plenty of water and having enough saliva in your mouth to keep your teeth and gums free of debris. Dry mouth can increase your risk of dental erosion, tooth decay and several other oral health risks.
– While sick, stay sugar-free and avoid all products that can increase the likelihood of dental damage.

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