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Are you familiar with the American Dental Association? If not, that’s ok! Our team here at Cindy Walker, DMD, PA in Garner, North Carolina, is happy to tell you about the American Dental Association, and why we are proud to be part of their organization.

The American Dental Association, also known as the ADA, is an organization that has been dedicated to oral health for decades. The ADA has years of research and top dentists across the nation that spend their life focusing on keeping up with the latest technologies and discoveries, so you can feel confident you are in safe and capable hands.

The ADA also specializes in dental products. They offer a Seal of Acceptance program for any dental product that has been tested and proven effective, so you know it is safe to use for you and your family. That is one of the many reasons your dentist, Dr. is proud to be part of the ADA.

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