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Dental crowns can be very useful when it comes to protecting a broken or otherwise weakened tooth. However, what should you do if it falls out or gets lost? The dentist can help you either by putting it back on or supplying a replacement. Of course, you can do some things to help yourself while you wait for the appointment.

You may not have to do this if you can reach the dentist quickly, but if the tooth the crown was covering feels some discomfort, you can try putting some clove oil on it. Clove oil can have a soothing effect on the tooth, helping you to get some relief. We recommend using a cotton swab to put the oil on the tooth.

If you can find the crown, we recommend that you pick it up, rinse it off and try to put it back on the tooth. You can use some dental cement to set it in so it does not fall off until you get to the dentist.

If the crown gets lost or you cannot put it back on, you can use dental cement on the tooth anyway. Be sure to completely cover it because the important thing is to protect the tooth, as it cannot protect itself very well anymore.

As a word of warning, please do not use household glues to coat the tooth or set the crown back in. Dental cement is safe to use; glues are not safe. They are not good for your mouth or your body, so please do not use them for things like this.

Once you arrive, Dr. Cindy Walker can help you out from there. You can find our office in Garner, North Carolina. If you ever need our help, please call us at (919) 773-0004, and we will do all we can to serve you.